My oven situation here in Shanghai isn’t ideal.  On the rare occasions that I can get the dang thing to turn on, it seems to have just one temperature: scorching hot.  This makes it pretty tough to bake anything without burning it.  Did I mention that the smoke detector is installed directly above?  Suffice it […]

fried stinky tofu

A condition of my Chinese visa is that I have to leave the country every 30 days.  No complaints here – I’ll take any excuse to travel.  Last week I took my final mandatory side trip and spent a few awesome days exploring Taipei, Taiwan.  Taipei is clean and modern, surrounded by mountains that are […]

stir-fried beef with cumin

If you read all of my recipes, you might notice that I love cumin.  I go through it quicker than any other spice since I find excuses to put it in just about everything.  No surprise then, that I’m a big fan of the cumin-coated meats that are popular in Northern Chinese cuisine.  This is […]

chinese cleaver

Authenticity isn’t something I often prioritize when I’m cooking, as long as the flavor is pleasing.  That said, cooking and eating in China has opened my eyes to some easy ways to imbue my cooking with more of the qualities that I love about Chinese food.  Here are some ingredients I’ll be keeping around to […]

bean thread noodles with wood ear mushrooms

One of the fun things about eating Chinese food is experiencing different textures that aren’t as common in Western cuisine.  Slippery, jiggly, and chewy foods abound.  I admit these words aren’t appetizing in every context, but they can be quite enjoyable in some dishes.  These bean thread noodles are a perfect example.  Inspired by dishes […]


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